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IMMI Records is proud to present Tennessee's newest state song . . .

Tennessee, by Con Hunley

written by John Bean, performed by Con Hunley

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Con Hunley sings "Still" at the Bill Anderson
50th Anniversary Celebration

One of country music's most iconic songs, "Still" was written by Bill Anderson in 1963.
Con puts his own spin on this country classic, which is included on his 2004 release "Sweet Memories."

For more of this tribute to a great songwriter, Bill Anderson, visit
Country's Family Reunion - Bill Anderson's 50th Celebration"

" . . . Con can make you feel any lyric in the deepest part of your heart and soul. When he sings, you believe it and want to hear more."
        - Kenny Chesney

" . . . One of the best singers . . . ever."
        - Vince Gill

". . . Rediscover this incredible stylist working his magic on one of country's greatest songs."
        - Deborah Evans Price, Billboard Magazine

". . . A superstar in my life's hit parade."
        - Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine

". . . Most underappreciated album of the year."
        - Edward Morris,

". . . An artist who really knows how to sing."
        - Wayne Bledsoe, News-Sentinel

Con Hunley - A Collection . . . By Request
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